Are you remembering to broadcast to your customers on WII FM?

The key to successful customer service is remembering your customers are focused on ‘What’s In It For Me?‘. Organisations and their representatives need to put themselves in their customer’s shoes and think “what does this customer really want?”

In business we realise the importance of having rules and procedures – these are like a life raft that staff can cling to knowing they are doing the right thing. But sometimes the right thing is… oh so much the wrong thing!

Those of us not tied up in the customer’s plight or the employee’s angst can fall around with laughter at the stories we hear. My recent favourite was the customer who requested a bigger recycling bin as her family was larger – not an unreasonable request? However, she was advised no larger bin was possible, no extra bags would be collected and she would need to take her ‘extra’ recycling to the recycling centre. The customer had no car and the helpful customer service representative suggested she could use public transport. The incredulous customer asked, “Do you really expect me to take my recycling bags of rubbish, along with my baby and toddler, on two buses, a four hour round trip every two weeks – and that’s without stopping if they need feeding?” Hilariously the reply came “Yes”.

This type of incident is more common than you probably think – another recent story we were told was – how tweeting a business’s opening hours took three days to tweet as the employee with the idea only had the authority to re-tweet! Think of the lost potential revenue!

Following rules and procedures doesn’t always fit in with WII FM – so we need to challenge ourselves and organisations to generate solutions that actually make our business more successful and more popular with our customers.

Jewel Training & Development helps real people in diverse industries and environments to focus on improving their customer service skills and give them and their organisations tools to identify areas for improvement. We can provide a range of courses and qualifications to meet your needs. We love to watch organisations improve and the self-esteem of individuals increase as we help deliver excellence in Customer Service. Last week we were told by one of our Customer Service NVQ clients, “I now feel positive and enlightened.”