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ILM Approved Programmes

Jewel Training has an established relationship with ILM and is approved to run a number of different Team Leading, Management and Coaching & Mentoring courses - in-house and open courses. As an approved centre and with years of experience with ILM Jewel Training can deliver these programmes within your organisation to develop your managers and leaders. Jewel Traning will work with you to create a tailored programme to suit your business needs and deliver the personal development outcomes you desire.

ILM Approved Programmes add value to your new or established leadership and management training programmes and showcases the calibre of staff development within your organisation. Customers and stakeholders can see at a glance that your managers are developed to ILM’s benchmark, validating your investment in talent. Other benefits include:

  • A flexible approach to recognition.
  • ILM monitor and endorse the overall quality of the programme.
  • All participants on our ILM Approved programmes, whether the Great Leaders development programme or Great Managers endorsed programme will also benefit from free support, information, networking and advice with ILM studying membership for the during of their programme or a minimum of six months.
  • On completion of the course, delegates receive a certificate from ILM, recognising and celebrating their learning and achievement.

Developing Great Leaders

Suited to managers who wish to develop their leadership skills through a series of workshops but do not have time to do an assignment.

An example Great Leaders programme:

Module 1: Developing Yourself (Self Development) 2 days
Module 2: Developing a High Performance Team (Team Development) 2 days
Module 3: Developing Others (People Development) 2 days
Module 4: Developing Others (People Performance) 2 days

As development programmes are delivered in-house they are tailored to your managers' needs with agreed outcomes for each. It is possible for bespoke programmes to be approved by ILM as a ‘development’ programme. This will give each person membership of ILM and a ‘Development’ certificate upon completion.

Developing Great Managers

This ILM endorsed programme is assessed throughout using the workshops, planner and final presentation of learning. You are given a learning log to track your personal learning goals and objectives which is provided as part of the final assessment. This learning log feeds into your personal development plan (PDP).

Typically the management programme Jewel Training deliver is made up of seven, half day workshops:

Workshop 1: Induction to the programme and Management Styles within a thriving SME organisation
Workshop 2: Performance Management
Workshop 3: Delegating for Authority
Workshop 4: Decision Making
Workshop 5: Motivation
Workshop 6: Management Communication
Workshop 7: Assessed presentation and feedback session

The workshop style is dynamic, practical and delegate led. A management development trainer is assigned for each workshop. They will deliver theory, facilitate learning and ensure that the content and activities are punchy, fast paced and applicable to the learner and workplace.

In addition to the workshops, learners will receive all resources and tools that they require to develop a management toolkit. They will also be offered additional coaching to enable application of learning during the programme.

We recommend that the workshops are one per month over a seven month period and that it is mandatory to attend the whole programme.

Developing Great Tenants

Jewel Training deliver this ILM approved programme tailored to Housing Associations. It gives their tenants the skills and confidence to take an active role as a tenant within the association. Please contact us if you'd like further details.

As a result of the ILM Endorsed Great Manager programme the senior managers at Foam Engineers have reported these outcomes:

  • Working together as a more cohesive and bonded senior management team that understand each other’s motivations, behaviours and skills set.
  • Able to make collective decisions and show great strength and courage with regards to business decision making.
  • Have created a strategy for personal and business resilience. • Have clarified business strategy in all parts of the business and have communicated this to staff.
  • Delegated and empowering key individuals within the business.
  • Using robust tools are able to make clear business analysis based on data and measurements and where necessary adopt improvements or give solutions related to that information.
  • Used decision making tools to create a robust recruitment process. • Have created a project management structure that supports customer requirements.
  • Have adopted meeting process at all meetings which include use of agenda, minuting and following up actions that come from meetings. The meetings at Foam are now focused, outcome driven and controlled.
  • Have dealt with several performance challenges with staff using robust recording, 121 process and putting the right solutions in place to help improve performance.

James Wiles, Director, Foam Engineers