Martin is an accomplished human performance specialist, with over 15 years’ experience. This experience was honed in the public sector, culminating in Ministerial awards for programme quality and delivery. In addition, he has 10 years of proven commercial and international experience, which has gained international governing body recognition.

Martin has extensive expertise in Selection and Assessment, Learning and Development, Coaching, Performance and Educational methodologies, which he uses to design and deliver results focused programmes. He has established Assessment Centres across the globe using a range of off the shelf products or in house tools and has been instrumental in the design and development of unique selection tools. These tools have been innovative in incorporating a range of methods and platforms.

He has held functional responsibility for both small and large Recruitment and Performance Management teams. Using knowledge of group dynamics, decision making, human error and situation awareness, Martin has ensured successful development of teams as a manager in business and a consultant to industry leading organisations. In addition, he designed and developed Talent Management programmes impacting positively on over 2000 employees, gaining Ministerial awards and National accreditation.
Martin’s clients have included; Unilever, HSBC, the BBC, the NHS, Special Forces, the Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, the Army Air Corps, the Qatar Emiri Air Force, British Airways, Air Southwest, CAE, Qatar Airlines, Air Asia, IndiGo Airlines, Camair-Co, Xiamen Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, HM Aerospace and Thai Flight Academy.