In recent years Jewel Training & Development Ltd has achieved significant expansion due to our growing list of satisfied clients. Many of whom are returning to us time and again. This has enabled us to expand our range of services. Testimonials from our clients are listed below. These cover a range of our services, so have a good look through to find the one most relevant to your training needs. If you would like a reference referral, please do contact us, and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

I just wanted to write to thank you again for your excellent teaching on the ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management course at Oxford Brookes that finished at the end of last year. As I said in our last session in December, the things I learned helped me to identify the problems in my workplace and to push for change rather than just putting up with them.

Even better than that though, the qualification helped give me the confidence to apply for a very shiny new job which I’ll be starting at the beginning of May. The interview had a 20 minute presentation component, so the feedback from that workshop was also incredibly helpful.

ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management Course

Thank you for the assignment feedback and more importantly thank you so much for all your support during the NVQ Level 3 and then the ILM Level 3. I really couldn’t have done it without you! You have always been so helpful and encouraging and completing both of the courses has given me a huge confidence boost both in terms of career and in my self-confidence and my belief in my ability to study/write essays etc. So much so that I have signed up to complete my degree with the Open University starting in October.

ILM Level 3 learner

Level 2 Business & Admin Apprenticeship

Since the first time I met my tutor (Emma), she has been everything I needed and more – warm, understanding, friendly and encouraging are a few words that come to mind. My experience with Jewel has no faults, any queries I may have are answered on that day, to the best of their ability and all members of staff have been very helpful and I felt I was not just limited to my tutor. I enjoyed the course layout as it was all coursework with the monthly one-to-one meetings which suited me and were very engaging. In regards to my career progression, if it wasn’t for this apprenticeship I believe I would have found it very difficult to get a job in a professional business environment as I had no previous experience in an HR department and I did not go to university directly from school. I believe doing this apprenticeship gives me an edge over other young people as I now have a year and a half’s work experience doing a job whilst studying at the same time. It was due to Jewels sophistication and empathy from the individuals that work at Jewel which encouraged me to choose another qualification to study that they provided instead of going through another provider once I completed my apprenticeship. I would 100% recommend Jewel to anyone thinking of studying a course with them, I am so happy they were the providers – I would not want to change any of it.

Esmé Richardson
Unipart Apprentice

Building Resilience Workshops

This workshop is about managing stress in yourself and others and is ideal for all staff that have busy, diverse roles with many deadlines and demands and therefore need to have clear coping strategies to deal with the pressure.

Below are extracts of feedback from some of our Building Resilience workshops:

“Breaking down resilience into four stages was useful” and overall there were “very useful tips”.

“Feeling able to speak openly” was useful and I will apply “the mindfulness exercise” back in the workplace.

“There was the right balance of activities, movement and theory” and “learning assertiveness skills (saying no) was something that I would recommend to others”.

“I would recommend the workshop as it was beneficial to be provided with the tools to spot the danger signs”.

There was an “excellent level of knowledge by the trainer” and that “identification of personal/staff stress and some excellent relaxation techniques” were useful.

“It made me look at and understand my stress triggers, how to deal with them and recognise them in others”.

“I will apply it in the way I prioritise my daily tasks and how I can change the outcome of stressful situations”.

Building Resilience Workshops

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management bespoke programme

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate has been designed to develop the leadership and management skills of practicing or aspiring line managers. Jewel has developed a programme for staff at a leading healthcare company, which has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation. One cohort of learners has just completed the eight-month programme.

“I just wanted to say the biggest thank you to you (Julie Johns) and your ILM team for everything that the ILM course has given.” Laura Doherty, Senior Account Manager

“I have really enjoyed the ILM course and working with you (Julie Johns) and Alison.” Jon Loader, Commercial Business Manager

“Thanks so much for all your help and support.” Alaina Graham, Regional Sales Manager (South), who secured a permanent position with the company since completing the programme

Various delegates
Large Healthcare Company

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management open course programme

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate has been designed to develop the leadership and management skills of practicing or aspiring line managers. Jennifer was a participant on our programme that started in March 2015. “I can’t believe that the course is now finished! The past 7 months have gone so quickly, but thank you again for all the workshops and support throughout the qualification.”

Jewel runs this particular programme in partnership with Oxford Brookes University.

Jennifer Sadeghi
Programme Administrator, Oxford Brookes University

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management open course programme

Jewel’s ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management open course programme is run in partnership with Oxford Brookes University and is attended by delegates from a wide range of businesses, including Oxford Brookes staff. Tatiana started the programme in March 2015. “Thank you very much … for making the course such an interesting one! Without a doubt it was the best course I have attended in my working life.”

This Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate has been designed to develop the leadership and management skills of practicing or aspiring line managers.

Tatiana Iseborn
Information Adviser, Oxford Brookes University

Management Development Programme

Jewel Trainer, Emma Barnett, has been helping Rowse Honey develop their managers. Quality Assurance Shift Manager, Andy, said of the programme, “… it has been really interesting, fun and you’ve been a great coach. I will miss it. The course has been very well structured, with frequent meaningful group exercises. You know Myers-Briggs inside out and are very passionate about it. This can be seen as at times everything delegates say is processed and analysed from a Myers Briggs type point of view. You have taken an interest in every delegate and it’s obvious you put a lot of work in outside of the sessions. The sessions are delivered with good humour which is great as there are occasions where Myers Briggs risks becoming a little dry. Once again thanks for an enjoyable course.”

Andy Balfour
QA Shift Manager, Rowse Honey

Dignity in the Workplace workshop

Every employee has a responsibility with regard to maintaining positive working relationships within the workplace. Jewel ran a Dignity in the Workplace workshop for a number of staff at Babcock Land. Afterwards, Peter Jones, Operations Manager, said “The overall feedback so far is very positive. For many, apprehension on attending was turned into exceeding their expectations. They felt that there was good group participation, it was enjoyable and informative. They all took something away from the session. For example, learning that certain words that they initially would not consider to be offensive, are now aware that they are not accepted in the workplace. They felt that the presenter (Fran) was very good and set out a relaxed atmosphere, in that they did not feel pressurised to contribute but this in effect encouraged their participation. They felt that they would recommend this course to others that had not yet attended.”

This workshop addresses how to deal with awkward situations between team members, making the most of constructive communication, giving feedback and delivering unpopular information.

Peter Jones
Operations Manager, Babcock Land

Health & Safety in the Workplace qualification

Jewel launched a new qualification this year – the City & Guilds Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace – which we ran successfully at Cottsway Housing Association, in Witney. The qualification consists of a one-day workshop, followed by a questionnaire to assess the learning.

An audit of Cottsway’s health and safety management identified that their health and safety and leadership teams had not received any formal training to equip them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities efficiently and with confidence. All of the 40 Cottsway staff who participated passed the qualification successfully and felt that the course was beneficial, giving them increased confidence when dealing with health and safety matters.

If you would like to read more about how Cottsway benefited from health & safety training then please download a copy of the case study here.

Get in touch with us if you think that your business would benefit from Health and Safety training, too (01491 822678).

Health & Safety case study
Cottsway Housing Association

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management Programme

The ILM Level 3 programme has been designed to develop the leadership and management skills of practicing or aspiring line managers. Sarah was a participant on our programme that started in January 2015 and has recently completed the qualification: “I thought you’d like to know that I had an interview on Wednesday for a management role, and was offered the job! I absolutely wouldn’t have been successful if I hadn’t done the ILM, so I just wanted to say thank you so much for an excellent course.”

Jewel’s ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management open course programme is run in partnership with Oxford Brookes University and is attended by delegates from a wide range of businesses, including Oxford Brookes staff.

Sarah Johnson
Programme Administrator, Oxford Brookes University

Relationship Management Workshop

Jewel Associate Trainer, Simon, completed the Relationship Management workshop at GTI – where it was really well received.

Chloe the Marketing Manager said “its not only been brilliant for my team, but I would recommend that everyone in the company goes through the programme. That way, everyone would be in a much better position to really understand each other and improve relationships throughout the whole organisation”.

Chloe Burgess
Marketing Manager, GTI

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management Programme

Last Month, Jewel launched a second ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management programme in partnership with Oxford Brookes University. Much like the first programme that started back in January, this programme has gotten off to a flying start. It consists of an induction, six half-day mandatory workshops, coaching and assessment. At the end of the programme participants will receive the Institute of Leadership & Management Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management Qualification.

After the first workshop, delegate Tatiana said “It is a BRILLIANT course! I have enjoyed it so much. Can’t wait for the next session!”

Tatiana Iseborn
Information Adviser, Oxford Brookes University

Relationship Management Workshop

Jewel Associate Trainer, Simon, completed a Relationship Management and Team Dynamics workshop at GTI. Afterwards, Joe said “The workshop on Relationship Management that Jewel provided was fantastic, it helped the team gain a deeper understanding of how best to work with each other and people within other departments. I would highly recommend.”

Joe also recommended that more of the GTI team received training in Relationship Management.

Joe Leverson
Student Marketing Manager, GTI Media

Level 2 Award in Health & Safety

Launch of our first Level 2 Award in Health & Safety at Rowse Honey went really well on Friday 20th March 2015. The group found the session engaging, energetic and informative. They particularly liked the myth busting session about what are “real” Health & Safety issues or not – for example, can you have tinsel in the workplace at Christmas?

It was practical and the delegates found looking at risks and hazards in their areas that relate to them directly really insightful. They have already gone away with some ideas on how to encourage people at all levels to take direct responsibilities for Health & Safety. We look forward to working with the group again in the next session where we will be looking at accidents, fire and first aid responsibilities and how to avoid them.

Julie Johns
Learning & Development Manager, Rowse Honey

Presentation Skills Workshop

“Thanks to Sian for a great session the tenants have said that they really enjoyed the training.”

On 13th March, Jewel ran a Presentation Skills workshop for the tenants of a South Oxfordshire-based housing association. The workshop is designed to give delegates the tools to understand the importance of planning and preparing for a presentation, use a range of tips and techniques to make their delivery of presentations more effective (including voice control and body language), and deliver a compelling presentation with confidence.

Lynn Wignall
Co-regulation Officer, Soha Housing

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management Programme

This month, Jewel launched an ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management programme in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, which has gotten off to a flying start. The programme consists of an induction, six half-day mandatory workshops, coaching and assessment.

Following the ‘Understanding Leadership’ workshop, delegate Leigh said “Just wanted to say thank you again Julie for last Thursday. Your enthusiasm is infectious!”

Leigh Sosville
Oxford Brookes University

Prefect Training

“Just wanted to thank you and your team – Emma in particular, for delivering yet another great day for our Prefects. I understand that it was well received by all and worked well in the Sixth Form. Thanks so much.”

Jewel completed Prefect Training with over 70 current Year 10 students from Wallingford School. The school pupils will become Prefects when they move into Year 11 in the new academic year. They were taught how to deal with various scenarios that they may encounter next year, as well as given training in assertiveness. The students were then allowed to practise some of their new skills during a role-playing session.

Fionnuala Lewis
Assistant Head, Wallingford School

Coaching and Mentoring

Nav recently completed the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring via Distance Learning, supported throughout by Jewel’s Director Julie Johns. She wrote:

“I wanted to write and thank you and the team at Jewel for your support whilst I was completing the ILM for coaching and mentoring. I could not have asked for more from the entire team. The QED learning support site made completing the segments very easy and allowed me to progress the course at pace that suited me. Thanks again for everything.”

Coaching and Mentoring – Distance LearningCoat

Distance Learning Student

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Open Course

Jewel trainer Paul Richardson received more praise this week from a delegate on the recent Project Management open course. Tom wrote:

“Just a quick note to thank you for the week myself and a few colleagues spent with you during the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course. The approach from you was a very refreshing one which enabled the learning of the course material to be enjoyable and effective. I did speak to Julie last week and wanted to pass on my thanks as this type of course would have been very easy to fail had you undertaken a different learning approach!”

PRINCE2 Open Course

Effective Team Member Skills qualification

Just Natural, a brand new manufacturing business producing natural food stuffs, have put their staff through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 2 Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills.

“Feedback from the team is they all enjoyed the sessions and I love their motto: Believing in the best, Working with the best, It’s just natural. I think we will have that on the wall in reception.”

Wolf Sieghogg
Managing Director, Just Natural Ltd

ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

Staff at one of our clients have completed an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management. The ILM Level 3 Certificate is designed to develop the leadership and management skills of practicing or aspiring first line managers. The programme delegates attended workshops, and completed assignments, as well as a work-based project.

Comments from this year’s and previous delegates:

“We realise that when we delegate we need to be clearer on the expectations that we have of the people.”

“I hadn’t thought about when I set objectives that I should always consider the resources to achieve an objective – I will do that in the future.”

“I would just like to say thank you for the course. I found it very interesting and feel like I have learnt a lot from the course that I can apply in the workplace (and in some instances at home!). Each session was lively and engaging and I found it very enjoyable.” – James

“Just wanted to extend my thanks to you for all your support over the past seven months on the ILM Level 3 course and also for arranging today’s presentation/poster day. Very much appreciated.” – Keith

“Even though I did the course over 3 years ago I still find the learning from the course really valuable and I often review the notes when I need them in my new leadership role.” – John

Various staff
Large International Healthcare Products client

PRINCE2 Project Management Open Course

Jewel recently held a highly successful five-day training programme in the Manor House, Howbery Park. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is an internationally recognised methodology for project management, that is used in both the public and private sector. The delegates were from all over the country and were impressed with the programme. Feedback on the trainer, course content, venue and catering was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. Jewel Director, Julie Johns, and Jewel Trainer, Paul Richardson, were thrilled to be holding training at Howbery Park. They were especially pleased that all of the programme delegates passed the Foundation exam with flying colours.

The course was “well structured, to help consolidate understanding of PRINCE2 methodology. I liked working through questions to get an understanding of application. I really enjoyed it and feel I learned a lot. I am currently in discussion with the Management Board to improve our Project Management approach” – Gill

The “interactivity between the students” and “standard of presentation” were most useful during the course. It was “tough going at the start, but the structured approach meant steady progression” – John

The course was “very intense”. “All of the practise (sample exams)” were most useful. “Good trainer … made the information concise and interesting” – Laura

“Trainer and techniques used allowed for easy learning of complex materials” – Tom

“Excellent – hard, but enjoyable!!” – Felicity

“Thoroughly enjoyed. Delivered well” – Keith

“Brilliant course, well delivered” – Lisa

Various delegates
Open Course, Howberry Park

Time Management Workshop

Jewel Trainer, Sian Starr, travelled to Reading to hold a one day workshop on Time Management and Planning for Rockwell Collins staff. The workshop is designed for all those who have had little training in this area and aims to enable participants to understand the fundamentals of effective time management, develop useful time management techniques and planning tools, and create and use action plans.

Feedback from the delegates rated the trainer and course content as either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

“It was great not to have PowerPoint. I will use some of the techniques in my everyday work” – Karen

“Very interesting, with new ideas to try. Will put techniques to practise and test to se if it works within my team” – Alex

Karen Platt & Alex Gawrys
Rockwell Collins

The Connections Management Group at Janet was reorganised and three teams were reduced down to two. At the same time, job roles were expanded and everyone became both customer and supplier facing across the quotes and orders areas. Jewel Training was brought in to help with improving and reshaping relationships within teams and to ensure that everyone was working towards a common goal across the group.

“Julie’s enthusiasm was infectious and she was able to not only encourage all team members to fully participate in the sessions but also to analyse what was really important in terms of working together, what they were good at and how this could be used to improve performance and give our customers the best possible service. Everyone involved agreed that the sessions were useful and thought provoking and should lead to a better atmosphere within the group as a whole. Following the training sessions we now have a ‘group charter’ that everyone has been happy to accept and develop.”

Lynda Mayne
Connections Manager, Janet

Effective Writing

Jewel Training recently completed an Effective Writing workshop for employees of Babcock Land Ltd. The team wanted to assess the way that reports were written and investigate whether improvements could be made to this area of the communication process.

The delegates found the course informative and the learning aids supplied very useful.

“Brilliant course. Very well designed and taught.”

“Excellent course and trainer was very good and knowledgeable.”

Tom Brookbanks & Danny White
Babcock Land Limited

Effective Team Member Skills

We recently completed a bespoke ILM Level 2 Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills programme at Homebase’ distribution centre in Swindon. It was designed to develop the skills of the individuals within a team in order that the team perform more effectively as a unit.

We found the course “fun, inventive and dynamic”. We would recommend this course to others as we now “appreciate how decisions are made in the business” and “have more pride in our work”. “We work with each other more as a team, understand the standards and each other better and help to make Homebase run more smoothly. It applied to all levels of staff and therefore everyone can walk away having learnt something new”.

The training was such as success that the site is keen to roll this programme out to additional groups of learners.

Sarah, Lucy, Peter & Nigel
Homebase Distribution Centre - Lydiard Fields

Business Consultancy

Jewel Training has been working with Foam Engineers in a business consultancy capacity. There was a need to help the organisation define their business goals, plans, structure and strategy for succession planning.

“I’m pleased we are associated with you and your company, the meeting you chaired at Adams Park proved pivotal in making real change within our business, the process of selecting our MD, and the staff appraisal meetings leading into Mike’s New Team, we’ve all created a sense of forward momentum”.

James Wiles
Chairman, Foam Engineers

Leadership and Management Open Course

Kathryn recently attended our Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management open course. This accredited programme runs regularly and takes about 3 months to complete. It is aimed at aspiring or practising first line managers and includes the following subjects: Intro to Leadership, Leading the Team, Creative Problem Solving, Coaching and Training and Effective Meetings. The course includes workshops and completion of workbooks and a reflective review. We register the learner with the ILM and they receive student membership benefits and upon successful completion ILM will provide a nationally recognised qualification.

Kathryn’s feedback was: “I cannot fault the delivery style in any way, Julie’s knowledge was outstanding. As a result of the programme I am planning ahead more and have begun to assess my team to learn more about their personality types etc. The group of people on the open course were from all different types of organisations, I don’t ‘bond’ easily but I have found this group to be a fantastic outlet to talk about my work concerns and to share in theirs. The course content was fantastic and was delivered superbly. There was always a great atmosphere. I have loved attending this programme”.

Kathryn Shelley
Assistant Manager, Royal Holloway University

Coaching, workshops and NVQ training

“I have worked with Jewel Training for the last 5 years. In that time they have delivered coaching, team building and most recently NVQ training for the teams located at our Customer Service Centre.

I am always impressed by the “can do” approach that Julie and her team exude. When we have held team building days the feedback I receive from all those that attended is positive; invariably they have enjoyed the event whilst taking a lot out of it as well.

Julie is extremely insightful and perceptive and I believe this gives Jewel Training a head start over many of its competitors. I hope to be working with her for the next 5 years and longer.

Chris Backwith
General Manager, Babcock Land

Team Leadership NVQs

“We had not carried out any NVQ training before Julie came along and wow what a success. We decided to deliver NVQ Level 2 in Team Leadership for our supervisors. The majority of supervisors had not completed any training since their school days and for some this was a considerable amount of time. Julie’s approach of fun, flexibility in learning style and individual commitment resulted in the group oooozzzzzzzzzzzing masses of enthusiasm about Julie, the training and their own development. This led to other staff within the business wanting to develop themselves and achieve more. We now have a waiting list!

From a business perspective, we have seen the difference in team leadership that this training has provided, with individuals applying the techniques that they have learnt in their day to day job role.”

Abi Wilson
HR Manager, Rowse Honey

Presentation Skills Workshop

“I was really apprehensive about going on this course as the thought of presenting fills me with dread, but I knew in order to progress I needed to be confident in doing so. The trainer and the pace of training was excellent.

The content of the course and the techniques/skills we learnt were really good and explained really well. The course allowed us to try out and use the new skills that we were learning as the day progressed.

At the end of the day we were asked to give a three minute presentation on a topic of our choice, again the thought filled me with dread. However, I was really surprised by the fact that firstly I did it, secondly all the fears and concerns about presenting are the same for everyone and thirdly all the things that I thought would be obvious i.e. shaking legs, trembling voice and heart racing were not obvious to my audience.

I was really pleased with the feedback I received which was very reassuring and positive. I would recommend that for anyone who feels they may struggle or have fears of doing a presentation that they go on this course. I will definitely be putting into practice all the new skills I learnt and am confident enough that if I start off small and build myself up I would give a perfectly good presentation.”

Zoe Finch

Executive Coaching

“I spent 4 executive coaching sessions with Julie and with each one I felt more confident in tackling my inability to stand up for myself – the improvement was noticeable both in how I reacted to situations and in my handling of them. Her style of coaching is encouraging and informal and I was given the opportunity to try out a number of different techniques. I found the sessions therapeutic as well as helpful and as a result feel much more confident.

I came to Julie because I felt that I couldn’t stand up for myself in work situations. However, the first session revealed that there was something blocking my ability to handle “my problem”. Julie and I worked together using a number of techniques and with each session I felt better and could give examples of how I had tackled particular situations. Julie’s style is informal and energizing and I would certainly recommend her to others.”

Mary Woods
Company Secretary, Airways Housing Association

“Over the last 10 years Julie Johns has been providing our business with various enhanced training and support initiatives in the following areas: Colleague – Coaching & Mentoring, Building Effective Business Teams, B2B Client Partnering and in 1-1 Personal Development.

Through Jewel Training & Development Ltd Julie has excelled in achieving the required core objectives and I can highly recommend Julie for always professionally delivering the appropriate, bespoke training package.”

Andy Caldwell

ILM Diploma

“Thank you for facilitating a superb course. It was apparent the delegates enjoyed themselves and gained a massive amount of personal development knowledge which they will be taking forward. Using the presentations as a personal reflection of the course and also an overview of the learning was both humorous and constructive.

Talking to them afterwards, they really appreciated the individual feedback. The refreshing part was the different ‘models’ used which showed their individual characteristics.

Many thanks for the effort you put into the course for it to be successful.”

Pete Frankum
Training Manager, BMW UK

ILM Qualification

“There were approximately 10 of us in the sessions all from the same department but different teams. Each session was in a relaxed format with sweets and background music to get us in a learning mood. We also created guidelines such as: confidentiality, listen to others, time keeping etc. which we all committed to at the beginning of the programme. The sessions would start with a recap of the previous session with 2 or 3 teams doing a quick presentation using flip charts, colour pens, stickers etc.

We would then have a variety of hand outs, activities and case studies that we would work with that accompanied the input from the trainer. This would mean sometimes working as one big group, in smaller groups or even on your own. In most sessions it would be a case of discussing and going through the topic for the session and then putting it into practice either in a presentation/display, role playing or writing down your own thoughts/process and relating it to your work place.

Julie Johns, the trainer, kept the sessions at a nice pace making sure that everyone got actively involved. She quickly identifies each person’s skills and how they processed the information (visual, auditory & feelings), thus giving the best chance for us to understand the training.

All the sessions were relaxed and informal and I found it easy to put the learning into practice back in the workplace.

An excellent development experience.”

Lee Moreton
Customer Relations\Team Leader, NPower Energy Ltd

We would also love to hear from our clients whose testimonials are not already listed. Please email us to post your comments!