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Bite Size Gems

Jewel ‘bite size’ Gem Workshops are designed to introduce or refresh skills for the workplace. They are ideal for anyone in (or aspiring to be in) a team leader, supervisory or management position.

All Jewel Training workshops are practical, skills-led workshops. They are three hours long, delivered by specialist management development trainers. The content is pragmatic, fun to learn and will enable you to apply the skills of your management role immediately after attending the workshops.

Gem Workshops include:

Assertiveness Skills

Recognise the difference between assertiveness, aggressive and passive behaviour, develop assertiveness skills, the short and long term benefits of assertiveness and hints and tips on when to deal with situations using assertive behaviour.

Building Resilience

Discover tools to release your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy including the techniques of anchoring positive states and the practice of mindfulness.

Building Team Relationships

Effectively, a team-building workshop for managers and their teams. This workshop uses methods based on known profiling tools designed to raise awareness of different styles, approaches and preferences within a team.

Coaching Skills

Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they might need help to find it. This workshop will equip you with the skills to use coaching as a tool to develop individuals and help them to learn.

Communicating with Impact

Advanced communication tools and techniques to ensure impact of communication at all levels. Presenting information succinctly at meetings and to others.

Conflict Resolution

Examining causes of conflict, the stages of conflict and tools for dealing with conflict.

Creating Personal Impact - Your X Factor!

An interactive workshop exploring what impact you would like to make on others. A chance to get feedback and develop your self-awareness about how you come across to others and how you can start creating your own personal brand.

Creative Problem Solving

Using Jewel's Creative Problem Solving structure, the process is broken down into easy steps to facilitate effective solutions to help deal with problems in the workplace.

Developing Others

This workshop looks at learning styles and how to use a variety of methods (eg, training, coaching, mentoring) to develop others. This includes using skills matrices, personal development plans and the importance of evaluating development of any type.

Health and Wellness at Work

Some of the benefits of a healthy workforce include increased productivity, reduced stress and absence, increased job satisfaction and self-esteem. This workshop looks at the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. It includes nutrition basics and deals with common myths about fats, sugar and exercise.

Influencing Skills

Learn how to express ideas clearly and with conviction, adapting language and the communication methods to particular clients and situations.

Leadership Styles

This workshop looks at the components of leadership and management and the skills required to be effective in these roles. Explore how you can flex and adapt your style and build on your confidence to deal with different situations and people in your team.

Making Learning Effective

Ensure that your workplace training is effective by understanding different learning styles.

Organisational Skills

An essential skill is to be able to plan and prioritise your workload. Outcomes include setting clear objectives, using a time log and establishing a clear vision of where your time is best spent for the best results.

Performance Management

This workshop helps the learners understand about the performance management process, what is involved, how to set clear goals and expectations for staff, how to monitor performance and how to deal with under-performance.

Professional Written Communication

This workshop clarifies the required standards for written communication. It focuses on formal vs informal written communication and common grammatical errors.

Robust Decision Making

This workshop helps the learners understand about the performance management process, what is involved, how to set clear goals and expectations for staff, how to monitor performance and how to deal with under-performance.

Successful Meetings

The Meetings workshop focuses on basic meeting skills required for effective meetings and includes ways to engage staff to have productive meetings.

Team Motivation

This workshop studies the importance of motivation, recognised motivational theories and how they can be applied in the workplace.

The Art of Delegation

This workshop is designed to break down the barriers that can prevent managers from delegating. It shows how the delegation process can be utilized and how it can be implemented back in the workplace immediately.

Programme Enhancements

These can be used at the beginning of a development programme to raise an individual’s awareness of their styles, approaches and personality preferences towards development.

  • Complementary diagnostic tool to help assess the best Bite Size Gem workshops to complete.
  • Profiling. At Jewel we have skilled consultants who specialise in different types of profiling including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), DISC ,Talent Q, Emotions and Behaviours at Work (EBW), Mental toughness AQ48, Values-based Indicators of Motivation (VbIM) and Emotional Intelligence (Ei).