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Personal Development Workshops

Jewel Personal Development Workshops have been specifically designed to support staff during the current Coronavirus pandemic.  They can be used at work, or personally.

These Workshops are delivered through our new VIEW {Virtual Interactive Engaging Workshops} using the Zoom platform.

All the workshops are practical, skills-led workshops, delivered by qualified Jewel trainers, with the support of a technical administrator.  The content is pragmatic and interactive using a variety of methods including break out rooms, questionnaire, practical activity, and discussion that will enable you to create a personal action plan.

These workshops are 3.5 hours long.


Personal Development Workshops include:

Adapting to Change

With the recent situation we are having to deal with changes such as working at home or starting to come back to work where the working practices have now changed.  In this workshop we look at what the 'new normal' means, how to cope with the emotional impact of change and create some practical coping strategies to use whilst going through change.

Building Resilience

Discover tools to release your physical, emotional, and mental energy.  Develop prractical techniques, like anchoring positive states, to help develop your personal resilience.  In addition, this workshop will provide the opportunity to create and discuss an i-resilience report.

Delivering Difficult Conversations

This workshop will provide you with the skills to prepare and conduct difficult conversations, either face to face or remotely.  It includes, planning for a conversation, dealing with personal emotions about having the conversation and practice using a robust feedback model that can be used in all situations.

Developing Yourself

In this workshop we discus the different learning styles and the methods of development that align to those learning styles.  You will learn what your preferred learning style is, and what development you should complete.  In addition, you will develop a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan.

Influencing Skills

In this workshop you will learn how to express ideas clearly and with conviction.  By the end of the session you will know how to create a win-win situation using a range of assertiveness techniques and an influencing model.

Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is the study of personal excellence and can be used to understand yourself and how others think.  It examines beliefs and values, how perceptions are created and how to communicate effectively with everyone from a position of understanding.


This workshop on mindfulness can improve clarity, focus and performance and help people at all levels thrive.  We look at the theory of mindfulness and the benefits and barriers of mindfulness.  Experiencing many different mindfulness techniques throughout the session will enable you to adopt your own personal mindfulness practice, that works for you.

Motivating Self and Others

This workshop looks at how to motivate yourself, how to deal with demotivation and how to support others that need motivation to cope with this current situation.



Feedback on Building Resilience workshop:

– “The i-resilience report was very helpful in identifying the innate hinderances and helpful qualities I currently have regarding my personal resilience during difficult situations…. The practical tips that Julie gave were very helpful, particularly for me, the reframing technique.” H.S