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Jewel Training Coaching


At Jewel we know how important wellbeing in the workplace is.  Evidence and experience shows that not only the individual and teams benefit from positive wellbeing practices, but so does the business as a whole.

We deliver wellbeing training programmes to build resilience in your staff.  They will discover what it takes to build their resilience and will be provided with tools and techniques which will help with their personal resilience.  We also run mindfulness workshops that examine what mindfulness is, the benefits of mindfulness and how to develop the practice of mindfulness.

We offer a range of Wellbeing Workshops; from one to three hour awareness sessions for all staff, to a full one day facilitated session for managers which will analyse the root causes of workplace pressure and establish actions to reduce or eliminate them.

Wellbeing Workshops include:

  • Building Resilience
  • Developing Mental Toughness
  • Mindfulness

If you would like to know more about our Wellbeing Workshops, please contact us requesting a brochure.  Alternatively we'd be happy to discuss the best workshop(s) for your organisation.


Feedback on Building Resilience Workshop:

– “Really enjoyed this course, I found it to be insightful and all areas offered valuable tools to be able to handle situations in a positive way and to be able to look at things differently . Julie was enthusiastic and knowledgable as ever, she puts you at ease and is able to provide scenarios that help secure the learning for real life!” L. Withers
– “I was doubtful / reluctant at first, but Ken’s earnest and engaging style broke down the ‘barrier’.  A useful refresher of common sense.” L. Jones

– “Found it very useful.  Ken has a great personality that put everyone at ease and brought out even the shyest person in the room.” L. Davies

Feedback on Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop:

– “Considering this is an interactive session I feel Julie did a wonderful job keeping it as interactive as possible while doing the course remotely. This is a session I think really benefits from being in person but it was still a great session remotely and Julie tried to make sure everyone interacted and engaged with the content, while also not forcing anyone or making anyone feel uncomfortable. It was a nice safe space to learn about Mindfulness. I will be recommending this session to the rest of my team.” N. Johansen
– “Excellent Trainer, very calming course.” R. Howard
– “Excellent Training Course.  Lots to think about.” M. Brookes