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Laura Doherty

Laura was a Senior Account Manager for Pharmacy Services when she joined Jewel for an ILM Level 3 course in Leadership and Management, and now as Business Manager for OPAT she is looking forward to completing her ILM Level 5 in 2019.

This is Laura's story:

"The ILM course for me cemented my career development goals to become a sales manager, the course provided me with the tools and techniques that helped me achieve my goals and work towards my new roles.  Since attending ILM3 I have been promoted to Business Manager and now Sales Manager building a new team in a developing market that supports patients' treatment at home.  There were many aspects of the course coupled with the delivery of the training that inspired my thinking and approaches, I now use techniques such as the Learning Styles questionnaire with my new starters to help the way I coach and support the team, having knowledge of the team's learning styles has helped shape the way I lead sales meetings.  In my Business Manager role, there are lots of project management skills needed to which I have drawn from the learnings in ILM3, I routinely use the project plan with key milestones, Gantt charts and financial impact, managing projects taught me the value of engaging wider teams to share expertise across our very diverse organisation and more importantly "how" to do that.  This is a snapshot of how I have developed following ILM3 and my advice to those who attend the course is to never stop learning, use the skills that you take from the course and practice them every day!"

"I believe that the success of this course not only lies within the content but more within the methods of delivery.  Julie and Alison were incredibly engaging and used many different methods of training throughout the course, there was constant stimulation via discussion, workshops, methodology and lots of encouragement to interact. I am a true advocate of ILM and Jewel Training and can't wait to be part of ILM5 in 2019 - thank you!"