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Coaching vs Mentoring

Commonly interchanged, coaching and mentoring is easily perceived as the same thing, especially as they can use the same skills and approach.  They are in fact different and offer a different outcome, both worthy of consideration in the work place.

Coaching is centred around a task with set goals, and therefore is typically short term and performance driven.  Mentoring is about guiding the person with your knowledge and experience, sharing your expertise, with the development of the individual as the end goal.  The mentoring process is therefore over a longer period of time.

A skilled coach or mentor is an invaluable asset to any business. They need a very specific set of skills, including high level communication skills, understanding of emotional intelligence and supervised coaching experience.

Both coaching and mentoring are built on a trusted and confidential relationship.

The Jewel Approach to Coaching

Coaching is the practice of providing positive support and feedback, in one to one sessions.  It is also offering occasional advice in order to help the individual recognise ways to improve the effectiveness of their business and working practices.  Coaching is an excellent way to attain a certain work behaviour which will improve leadership, employee accountability, teamwork, sales, communications, goal setting, stress management, strategic planning and more.

Jewel Coaches ensure that a confidential and comfortable relationship is established between themselves and the individual.  This is completed through an initial consultation to discuss the need of the client, frequency of meetings, creating a contracting agreement and ultimately to check that coaching is the right process to satisfy the need.

The Jewel Coach then helps the client develop achievable outcomes to focus the coaching sessions.  The Jewel Coach will work with information from 360 degree feedback and other profiling tools (DISC, MTBI, SDI, EQi, Talent Q or Competencies), if appropriate.

The Jewel Coaches use a wide range of disciplines and methods to coach.  The coach will challenge, facilitate and encourage the client so that they examine the present situation, generate options and decide on the most inspiring path to follow to achieve their outcomes.

Jewel Coaches support the client to carry out and sustain their outcome through coaching plans and telephone and e-mail contact.


We apply this approach to coaching executives, teams and organisations.

Where Coaching can help:

  • you have a challenging management task, e.g. having difficult conversations, that you need support with.
  • you want to develop more confidence, both personally and at work.
  • you have a team that needs support in working towards higher performance.
  • you have a difficult project that is currently not meeting the objective.


Mentor is a Greek word which means 'a trusted advisor'.  Our mentors are able to share their experience and give guidance to those who wish to develop fully.

Where mentoring could help:-

  • you want to aspire to develop in your career
  • you need a 'sounding board', e.g. you are a new head of department who wants to restructure a team
  • you need assistance in coping with significant business change
  • you need a confidante to go to as you are feeling unsure of yourself of a situation
  • you want to develop your talent pool as part of succession planning

As well as offering coaching and mentoring to our clients, we are proud to be able to deliver the ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualifications.