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Coaching and Mentoring

Commonly interchanged, coaching and mentoring is easily perceived as the same thing, especially as they can use the same skills and approach.  They are in fact different and offer a different outcome, both worthy of consideration in the workplace.

Coaching is centred around a task with set goals, and therefore is typically short term and performance driven.  It is useful for both projects or objectives, and for building confidence.

Mentoring is about guiding the person with knowledge and experience, and by sharing expertise; always with the development of the individual as the end goal.  The mentoring process is therefore over a longer period of time, and quite specific to the role or situation you want development in.

A skilled coach or mentor is an invaluable asset to any business. They need a very specific set of skills, including high level communication skills, understanding of emotional intelligence and supervised coaching experience.

Both coaching and mentoring are built on a trusted and confidential relationship.

Jewel's Coaching

We support businesses in a number of ways through coaching, addressing the different facets of a business.

Executive coaching is typically targeted at personal development goals and may include:

  • Supporting the reshape of a department to make the best of their people
  • Dealing with changes created through a merger or an acquisition
  • Changing perceptions of behaviours within the leadership team
  • Building stronger relationships within the Senior Management Team

Team Coaching can be considered for the following, and often includes profiling tools to achieve the goals.

  • Break down silos.
  • Improve team relationships.
  • Understand each other’s behaviours.
  • Know how to support each other.
  • Develop strong team identity.
  • Work more effectively as a team.

Business Coaching is where we would normally work with senior teams and business owners to progress goals such us:

  • Define business strategy.
  • Establish (or clarify) your business goals, vision and culture.
  • Create values and behaviours for your business.
  • Provide guidance and advice.
  • Support you as you grow your business.

Because coaching is dependent upon the relationship, we ensure a good working relationship as part of our initial consultation before commencing.

Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications

As well as offering coaching to our clients, we are proud to be able to deliver Coaching and Mentoring as an ILM qualification, either as a Certificate or Diploma

This qualification is both ideal for managers who have day-to-day responsibility for coaching and mentoring or for those who are planning to move into such a role.  Jewel Training has also delivered this training to individuals wishing to start a career as a freelance coach and mentor.