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Management Development

Our specialty is leadership & management development across all management levels of your organisation.

At Jewel we offer two approaches to leadership & management development:

  1. An ILM accredited programme, providing your staff with a qualification from an internationally recognised awarding body
  2. A programme that is based on standards that you assess your staff by.  This option has no assignments and no ILM certification.

Every year we offer ILM certified leadership & management development training to individuals, as opposed to a client based group training approach.  We call this our ‘Open Courses’. These courses are helpful to the smaller business and individuals who wish to upskill.  If you would like to know more and add your name to the waiting list please contact us.


Jewel Training and the ILM 3 course left me feeling “inspired”. Every module of ILM3 offered something new, the course helped cement my future goals as a regional sales manager at Baxter and provided me with the tools and techniques to achieve my career aspirations. The method of teaching was one that suited varying learning styles creating an engaged and motivated group. I can honestly say that the ILM course is the best course I have attended and I have Jewel Training to thank for that.
I am a huge advocate of Jewel Training and look forward to attending ILM5.
Laura Doherty, Executive Account Manager

Which ILM?

We offer a range of ILM certified management development programmes to support across the organisation.

ILM certified Leadership & Management programmes are highly recognised internationally. Particularly useful for clients with staff around the world.

Bespoke tailored development programmes

Jewel’s strength is understanding the culture and needs of a business and its industry, linking outcomes to strategic goals and being able to design and deliver practical, interactive tailored training and coaching which ensures practical application back in the work place.

Jewel Training will work with your business to create a tailored programme to suit your business needs and deliver the personal development outcomes you desire.