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Meet the Team

Alison Hallford
Alison is an experienced training professional who provides expertise in people and management development, leadership skills, and facilitation. Alison has a BA (Hons) in Economics and Sociology and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. She is a NLP Business Practitioner and Master, holds NVQ D32 (Assessor) and D33 (Internal Quality Assurer), and is qualified to the British Psychological Society certificate level B.
About Alison
Carolyn Murray
Carolyn is a Coach, NLP trainer and HR/Organisational Development consultant with over 20 years of experience as a HR/OD Director working with Executive Boards, Governance committees, Organisational leaders and staff at all levels. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development, with an ILM 7 post graduate certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Carolyn has a knack of untapping true potential that often exceeds expectations for both the individual and the organisations.
About Carolyn
Clare Bryant
With over 20 years’ experience in training and coaching, Clare has worked in commercial and HR teams, predominantly within the pharmaceutical industry. Her recent experience was a Global Training Lead working with cross cultural teams. A certified coach and mentor, NLP practitioner and certified trainer, Clare is also qualified in psychometric testing. Clare is a collaborative, pragmatic and engaging training professional whose passion is helping teams and individuals remove barriers to reach their full potential.
About Clare
Colette Norbury
Colette has over 30 years’ experience in teaching, training, and coaching, the last 15 of those specialising in mental health. A licensed Instructor Member of Mental Health First Aid England, Colette has provided mental health education and support to hundreds of businesses of all sizes – training managers, directors, and employees across the globe. Colette’s passion is delivering transformative training to help reduce stigma, raise awareness, and provide practical tools and materials to support mental health – at work and at home. She is one of the founding members of Healthy Minds for Thriving Business – aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, and expert and Chair for the Wellbeing Leaders’ Forum.
About Colette
Graham Mills de Pledge
With a foundation in HR and Training Management, Graham has over 35 years experience. A training consultant for over 20 years, and an ILM associate trainer, Graham brings to the Jewel Associate team extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and management development training. Graham’s strengths are his strong communication and leadership skills, combined with his innovative and engaging approach. With consistently positive client feedback across both private and public sector businesses, Graham maximises potential by delivering across all learning styles.
About Graham
Howard Wilcox
Howard has held senior operational roles across the UK manufacturing sector for over 25 years, formatively in the automotive sector and latterly in other industry sectors. In this time he has a proven track record of delivering bottom line profitability coupled with high levels of quality and customer service. Along with his Lean Six Sigma knowledge and experience, Howard is a qualified Trainer, NVQ Assessor, Coach and a Fellow of Manufacturing Management from Cranford University. His consultancy work is based on taking a view on the end to end value stream and engaging the team to develop data driven solutions to add further sustained value going forward. He understands the impact of waste on Quality, Service and Bottom Line.
About Howard
Julie Johns
Alongside Julie's role as Managing Director, she is an experienced training consultant and personal development coach who specialises in people development and life skills. Julie has considerable experience in the design and delivery of a variety of workshops to enhance the skills, knowledge and attitude at all levels within the business environment. These include team building, team leadership, management development, personal awareness, stress management, executive coaching and mentoring. As a skilled facilitator and people developer, Julie uses a variety of tools and techniques to enable individuals and companies to meet their full potential. These include NLP, accelerated learning, and other inspirational and dynamic learning approaches. Julie's style is fun, energetic, practical and motivating. She ensures that whatever individuals learn that it is applicable to improving their work and personal life.
About Julie
Ken Moore
Ken is a highly experienced international consultant and trainer specialising in Management Development, Team Building, Interpersonal Communication, NVQ, ISO 9001 and Psychometric Assessment. His last corporate position was HR and Training Director of Chantrey Vellacott DFK, which he left in 2002 to pursue his own business interests. He has been successfully delivering coaching and training throughout the UK, Middle East and Europe since 1985. Clients span several industrial sectors and include Agco Corp, British Telecommunications, Delphi Automotives, UK Home & Foreign Offices, Nokia Siemens Systems, and Texas Instruments. Recent comments from workshop participants have praised Ken for his humour, enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, empathy and interactive style.
About Ken
Patti McCarthy
Patti is a highly experienced certified coach and trainer with 30 years of experience in communications and intercultural training. Author of the book ‘Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps’, Patti is passionate about improving communication across cultures. Patti’s specialism; supporting businesses to improve their cultural awareness enabling the transition to a more culturally inclusive workplace. Working at all levels within an organisation Patti supports both individuals and teams, helping to raise self-awareness and providing successful strategies to bridge the cultural gap.
About Patti
Robin Lodge
Robin firmly believes that any development needs to be engaging, fun and deliver quick results. Having over 35 years of experience in organisational development, leadership and management development, coaching and profiling, his experience proves valuable to learners at all levels. Working across a broad range of organisations, Robin brings a vast array of best practices and innovation to every programme he runs. With over 20 years of ILM experience, he helps organisations and delegates to design and navigate ILM programmes to the best effect. Robin's training is pragmatic, practical and grounded, allowing individuals to quickly, efficiently and effectively put their new skills and knowledge into practice, thus making their lives less stressful whilst improving their performance and those around them.
About Robin
Tracey Lee
Tracey has been developing people and businesses for nearly 20 years. A qualified teacher (QTLS), business trainer and coach & mentor, Tracey has experience and skills in both online and face-to-face training and course creation. Tracey is formally a marketer and business owner. This wealth of personal experience allows Tracey to support managers and business owners on their learning journey, whether it be formal training or coaching. Tracey is passionate about making learning inspiring and has a particular love of coaching where she delights in seeing individuals and businesses reach their full potential.
About Tracey
Vicki Bromwich
Vicki has 25 years' experience working in fast paced, stressful industries like leisure, education and the built environment, leading multi-functional teams at a senior operational management level, with both public and private sector clients. She is an ACSTH qualified coach, NLP Practitioner and Journey Method graduate. Specialising in personal development and emotional fitness, Vicki develops potential in areas of stress management, professional performance, self-confidence and leadership, mindfulness and resilience. Vicki has a supportive and creative style that balances an empathic approach with a focus on business outcomes. Through a series of virtual one to one coaching and experiential workshops Vicki helps individuals and teams to build trust, communicate with ease so they inter-connect in more meaningful ways, elevate their personal impact to generate inspirational leadership and ultimately lead more fulfilling lives.
About Vicki

Both trainers have made the online class a very engaging and fun learning experience, there’s a lot of case scenario being applied to gain understanding and involvement of team discussion. The provided learning materials are very useful and easy to refer back to and apply in the workplace.