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The flexible option for businesses whose managers struggle to attend group training sessions, our E-learning Portal is the perfect solution.

We provide a range of ILM accredited Leadership and Management Development Qualifications (Award and Certificate) that your managers can complete in their own time, at their own pace. As the learning is accessible across all mobile devices, they can also take their learning with them, wherever they may be around the world.

To enhance the learning outcomes we recommend businesses include a blended learning approach to their management development programme.  In addition to the e-learning modules, managers would be invited to virtual sessions throughout their course to discuss the learning.

Why Managers Choose Jewel Training & Development?

Programme Quality - Our e-learning programmes are all aligned with ILM qualifications - the awarding body that ensures quality of standards and alignment to robust learning for managers and leaders.

Bespoke Learning – we take the time to understand each person’s situation so we can support with module selection. This results in the best learning outcome for the individual and business.

Proven Confidence Builders - Many of our learners report back to us that confidence was instilled through the discussions had around the learning. It’s not just about knowledge and skills development, it also needs to be about the application and sustainability of learning. This is where the blended approach really makes a difference.

Support – we support our learners on their learning journey through our ‘Learn Together’ process to achieve brilliance.

The outcome - a deeper and sustained understanding of leadership and management and a new level of confidence is instilled.

"The training I received from Jewel has enabled me to progressively reach higher levels throughout my career. The training has made me realise that learning is lifelong and we should always strive to educate ourselves and others...The resilience and confidence I have is down to learning and applying my learnings in the workplace and this was instilled by Julie and her team.
R. Devlin, Senior Manufacturing Manager

ILM Level 2 Qualifications

The Level 2 ILM Leadership and Team Skills Qualifications are ideal for the team leader or supervisor starting out in their management career.

ILM Level 3 Qualifications

The Level 3 ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications are designed for new and aspiring first line managers with no prior formal training.

ILM Level 4 Qualifications

The Level 4 ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications are designed for new and aspiring middle managers, including department heads, regional team leaders and project managers.

ILM Level 5 Qualifications

The Level 5 ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications are designed for the practicing middle manager, department head, project manager and senior manager.