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Andrew Smith

Keen to develop within his employement, Andrew gained the confidence and skills he needed to progress from Shift Engineer to Shift Leader by completing a Level 3 ILM Leadership and Management qualification with Jewel.  With his new found confidence Andrew is keen to see where his abilities can take him next.

"Before I started my ILM Level 3 course I would generally second guess myself.  I found that I would often know the right answer to an issue but I would doubt myself.  After completing this ILM course with Jewel Training I have so much more confidence in my role as a leader and I have also been given so many new methods of dealing with certain situations.  I have always wanted a promotion with my company and before my training with Jewel I don't think I would have been ready to take on this role.  But I have recently been promoted to shift leader and I feel that I can now tackle the responsibility of this role head on.  I am now looking further within my company and Jewel has given me the confidence and the ability to make this a reality.

I want to thank Jewel for an amazing training course and for everything they have given me.  I would strongly recommend Jewel as a training provider and I cannot wait to take part in more training courses and further better myself."