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Ben Goodenough

Ben was part of a bespoke management programme for a company that ran consecutive Apprenticeships over three years; Warehousing and Storage, Business Improvement Techniques and Team Leading.  From Apprentice in 2012 to Team Leader in 2018, Ben is now looking to continue his development into Shift Management.  This is Ben's story on how his training with Jewel has helped him develop.

"The three year training course guided me in the right direction to become a better overall, well rounded person.  By taking learning from the workshops / work logs I was able to take the vital information learned and then act upon it in the physical workplace.  I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses which I could then reflect upon and look at improving.  By constantly challenging myself to deal with situations that were a weakness to me, I became naturally better in those situations.  From the course, I have gained vital confidence in all aspects of working life which I look to embed into my everyday life.  The course destined me to become a leader, which it did after the three year course.  I am now aiming towards the next level of management as a Shift Manager and am very close to becoming this."