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Marcus Ang

Marcus was a Commercial Manager when he embarked upon a bespoke customer service standard programme rolled out at UNN Brunei. Having had a breadth of work experience Marcus felt he knew all there was to know about customer service.  But as Marcus says “Jewel came along and showed me my gaps and how I can improve my skill sets.”

“The knowledge I have gained during the training is so valuable and so current in today’s challenging market scene.”

Today Marcus attributes his recent job move to Price Analyst directly to the skills he gained with Jewel.  “I can say Jewel single-handedly landed me my current job.”

“As I have said before, by far, hands down, this has been the best training that I have participated in, both online and face to face.  This could not be possible without the wonderful trainers at Jewel. They just know how to make things so interesting and engaging.”