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Holly Harris

From an Administration Team Leader to a Global Health, Safety and Compliance Manager - Holly shares her story of how she has developed since completing her NVQ Level 4 in Business Administration.

"After finishing the course, the depth and awareness of customer base and implications of actions was huge.  I will never forget coming back from one of the sessions and looking at my line manager and showing her the flip chart of customers we serviced and said 'do you realise just how many people my team is looking after?'."

"That then developed a passion for being on the other side and I moved into Operations as a Team Leader before becoming an Operations Manager and running several large well known e-commerce contracts - all because I wanted to make a difference and make sure that everything was right first time."

"When I was asked about mentoring an apprentice, I jumped at the chance as I remember what it was like when I was that age.  The feeling to watch people develop and grow is phenomenal and really does bring a sense of achievement and happiness.  Knowing how Jewel worked, this journey was simple and the support was fantastic."