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Julia Sadler

Julia is an advocate of Jewel Training & Development having attended 5 training sessions over the past 16 years.   Julia attended people management, coaching skills, time management, assertiveness and project management.

Julia reflects on her roles as Managing Editor and now Careers Adviser, and how the Jewel Training has supported her career:

"People often think editorial work is all about writing and being good with words but it's actually all about project management and bringing out the best in teams: getting publications to press on time despite setbacks.  My Jewel training helped me to manage juggling projects and work out how to best manage my time.

In my new role as a Careers Adviser, I use the coaching skills I developed with Jewel a lot in 1:1 discussions with university students.  A big part of the job is around reassurance and encouraging students to, rather than panic, make a start on their career planning and set short term goals.  They have enough pressure from their studies - we don't want to add to it!  I'd always recommend Jewel.  The trainers I've come across at Jewel are organised, respectful and engaging."