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Philip Annets

Philip came to Jewel Training with a unique need.  He was a Business Owner, trying to launch a new game called Whirred PLAY.  For Philip we provided self-employment coaching, and here is his story in his words.

"The self-employment coaching provided by Jewel Training ensured that I considered all aspects of business management when developing my board game at the time.  The training ensured I managed more effectively marketing, supply chain, advertising, finances, sales and manufacturing.  It is not until you try to run your own business that you realise you don't really have experience of business at all, usually just expertise in your own specific discipline."

Whilst the game did not progress to retail through third party sales due to their position at the time, Philip sold all 500 units.  Philip did have the chance to review his model, but for business reasons chose not to progress further for now.

"However, the skills acquired through the development of, the launching of, the manufacturing and selling of the board game have been very useful in setting up my new venture: FACupFactfile - a provider of unique stats and facts regarding the FA Cup covering 147 years, 3200 clubs and 70,000 matches."