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Victoria Dingle

From an Involved Tenant Volunteer to a Non-executive director of Soha Housing, Victoria Dingle's transformation after her interaction with Jewel Training is heart warming.

Victoria successfully applied for the opportunity to take part in a Bespoke Tenant Leadership Training Programme that ran from October 2017 - May 2018.

Here is how Victoria describes her experience with Jewel Training & Development:

"My training hugely benefitted me.  I hadn't been able to work since developing rheumatoid arthritis after giving birth to my daughter, who is now nearly 7 years old.  My confidence had hit an all time low.  I was offered the training and hoped it would give me a new focus but I had no idea how much of a difference it would make.  I attened every session and did additional research outside the classroom.  It empowered me to become Victoria again rather than a disable person or Mum.  I learnt new skills and updated areas that I hadn't used in years.  My new found confidence allowed me to apply for a non executive director role and be successful.  I've been in the role a year and still use and develop the skills and knowledge I gained from the course.  I also speak at public events and write for local and national housing publications.  I cannot thank Julie and Jewel Training & Development enough for an excellent course."