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Create Your X Factor Workshop with SO Business

You’re invited to join me on 15 May at our first workshop in partnership with SO Business – “Create Your X Factor” taking place at Cornerstone, Didcot from 8.30am.

How do others see you – at networking events, pitching to clients or presenting to colleagues? Whether meeting people for the first time or building long-term relationships with colleagues, how people view you in business is so important. At this free workshop, you will start to understand your personal brand and learn how to improve the impact you make on others.

We have developed a highly interactive session that will cover how to act, feel and sound confident in all situations you will find yourself in. We can help you develop these skills through our accelerated learning process of using all five senses through practical activities. We will help you create your own personal brand and arm you with practical tips on how you can ‘live’ your personal brand in everyday situations.

So please join me on the 15th and develop your self-awareness about how you come across to others, and start to create your own X Factor!

Julie Johns
Managing Director