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Team Building

Creating Culture with a Team Build

Why did we deliver this training?

Jewel was invited in 2018 to design and deliver a Team Build for a Sales Team in Devon that, due to the nature of the business, only got to meet up monthly.  Furthermore the team had gone through a number of changes including a restructure, change of manager and a significant team increase from six to eleven people.  The outcome was to embed and bond the team across different functions in the organisation.  They wanted to improve communication, get to know each other and create a common purpose for the team despite them having different role specific responsibilities.

How did we meet the customer’s needs?

Jewel created a fun learning environment which allowed the team to think and learn about their communication skills and how they process and perceive information.  With this increased self awareness the team then expanded their learning to help understand each other better.  This learning was then applied to their clients to better understand not only the client but how they, as a sales person, are coming across to the client.  With this new communication understanding embedded the team then action planned and agreed a way forward for them as a team – addressing how they would communicate and what they would communicate.

What were the results?

Immediate Outcome: Improved Communications

The manager said that the team build was ‘outstanding’ and immediately people were more relaxed and open.  They were more aware of what each other did and how each person worked (based on NLP filtering profiles).

One Year On: Team Culture Embedded

Over the year the team have spent time learning about each other’s specialist areas.  They now create and action clear communication plans plus account plans that support each other’s targets.  The team has been restructured again and some people have moved on, however the team function framework has worked so well that is will be modelled and replicated again.  The impact is still one of a high performing and bonded team despite the team members’ roles meaning they are on the road a lot and do not get together regularly.

The manager is so pleased that he is looking at an opportunity in the summer for Jewel to continue building the team and developing their capabilities.

We are delighted to hear of these results one year on, and to know we have made a long lasting positive difference to our customer.  If you are interested in a team building exercise for your team contact us.