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Six key skills you need to become a brilliant leader

So, you have your sights set on becoming a brilliant leader but you’re concerned that you do not have the right skill set to achieve this effectively.  With a leadership role you will be able to advance your career and take on more responsibility – and hopefully more money!  You can see a potential path within your organisation so what’s holding you back?  If you want to develop brilliant skills and techniques to use within your leadership and management role then read on.

Here’s our top six skills to get you started on your path to becoming a brilliant leader:

1. Knowing me, knowing you

There are a range of leadership and management styles that you can use as a manager. However, knowing which one to use and when, is a skill you need to develop. By understanding your preferred styles and developing additional styles you will be able to deal with a whole range of situations at work.

2. Team direction

As a leader, you need to communicate the company mission, values and strategy to your team so that they feel they have a common sense of purpose and identity, and know how important they are to the company’s overall success. Communicating purpose and context can keep your team focused on the end goal and helps motivate them.
Keeping your team motivated leads to an effective and supportive team. Everybody working as one, pulling together. You will build a team that gets the results you require if you understand both individual and team motivational needs.

3. Planning and allocating work

Allocating work to your team should be dependent on their skills, competence and ability. It may sound obvious but how do you identify their skills? And how do you develop these at work?

Planning and monitoring work also keeps your team on track and contributing to the overall company objectives. Knowing how to monitor without demotivating is a great skill to learn and gets great results.

4. Yes, meetings can be productive

I imagine you have attended meetings walking out after an hour (or two!) and wondering ‘what was that about?’ and ‘what was the outcome?’ But meetings don’t have to be this way! They can be effective but need some key ingredients, these are having a clear objective, an agenda, ensuring the right people are invited, actions are agreed, minutes are circulated and followed up.

5. Don’t stand still

Development is a fantastic motivational factor. However, do you have the knowledge and skill to know how to get the best development for your staff? Understanding how people learn best, then adapting your development knowledge to suit those learning preferences are crucial skills for brilliant leaders.

6. Make communication count

Poor communication can be very demotivating for your team. Knowing the right level of formality and tone for each situation is critical. You want to send the right message to other leaders and managers in your organisation too.

Good management communication can stand you apart from other managers and also make you a brilliant leader of projects and people. Knowing your communication strengths and knowing how to improve can have a significant impact to the results that you see with your team and within your organisation.

So become a brilliant leader ……

Developing the right skills can play a valuable role in the way you interact with your team and demonstrate leadership within your organisation.

Develop leadership skills and have the opportunity to put them into practice and learn from your peers within a professional qualification through an ILM Leadership and Management Level 3 Certificate run by us.

Interested in becoming a brilliant leader? Contact us for a detailed programme outline plus timetable.